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Dear clients,

In an ecological and well-being approach, Insitu provides you electric bicycles.
Ecological, intuitive, design and featuring autonomy for about 40 km, your new bicycle will follow you in your inter-sites moves and will give you back taste of urban mobility.

Your bicycle kit

The badge with the padlock key

The number on the badge is linked to the number of the bicycle assigned to you.


The helmet and the reflective vest

For your safety, wearing the helmet and the vest « by In Situ » is strongly recommended.


Location of the electric bicycles

The bicycle park is located at the underground parking on the left inside the exit portal.

To access you can take the elevator (level -1) or you can use the stairs located at the entrance hall.

  1. Head to the white terminal.
  2. Scan your badge on the planned area.
  3. Remove the bicycle assigned to you. Warning, take the right bicycle corresponding your badge number. The badge number is registered on the seat tube.
  4. On the corresponding terminal, you can notice a flashing green light. Once the jacks are open take your bicycle.

Your bicycle gear

You can unfold the stand to hold steady / park your bicycle.


Your bicycle is provided with a bell.

Adjust your position with the saddle clamp.

For your safety, your bicycle is provided with disc breaks.


Your bicycle has a luggage rack that can take up to 10 kg, convenient at all circumstances.


To use the anti-theft, press the button located at the side to unfold it. Lock it with your key in order to attach your bicycle where you please.


Manual of your electric bicycle

The bicycle is provided with electric assistance at the pedaling. The engine completes your own efforts, allowing you to save your energy and to move faster and further.
To trigger the engine, you have to launch the bicycle while pedaling to reach the speed of 8km/hr.
When you reach the speed limit, make 5 backpedaling, you will feel the triggering of the electric assistance.
As to the battery, it refills at the deceleration and the backpedalling. You will never be out of power because at the least drop it recharges instantly. Thereby you can drive serenely for about 40 kms.
Warning, the engine of your bicycle is powerful and will allow you to reach easily speeds that are higher that what you are used to. Take your time to get familiar with your new bicycle, wear your helmet, your reflective vest and respect traffic laws.

Manual for scooters

Activate the O/I switch (in position I) located above the front wheel on the right hand side.


Turn on the dial on the handlebars by pressing the middle button for 2 seconds; this dial displays the battery status and speed.

Turn on the scooter (switch and dial), pull the trigger attached to the dial and the scooter will start, to slow down, activate the brake and release the trigger.

How to drop off your bicycle / Scooter

Please take and return your engine during opening hours of the reception. Thank you for your understanding.
1. Head directly to the attachment corresponding to the number that was assigned to you.
2. Insert your bicycle on the attachment, do not touch your engine while the jacks are closing.
3. Two beeps will ring and the led will light green, your return is validated and your engine is locked

How to report an issue

Reporting issues will allow us to contact our maintenance team as quickly as possible
1. Drop your bicycle and scan your badge
2. Click on « report an issue »
3. Select your bicycle/scooter
4. Select the defect noticed
5. Report the issue at the reception.

Be Careful
InSitu wishes you a safe journey!